Monthly Retainer Fee

Monthly Retainer Fee

Why do you charge a monthly retainer fee after I’ve already paid you to build a website?

Truth be told building a website is only one piece of the overall strategy of marketing and promoting your business online.  There are many other factors involved in making sure we dominate your market, increase your rankings and put away your competition!

The best way to explain why we charge a monthly retainer fee is to offer up this example.  People who go to the gym to work out are there for a purpose.  Often times they have a goal to lose weight or build muscle mass.  Let me ask you a question, do you think they stop going to the gym once they reach their goal?  No, they continue to go back to the gym so they can maintain what they just achieved.

So just like going to the gym, we at Local Elite Marketing don’t just stop after your website is built and ranking.  Our monthly retainer fee goes towards maintaining the Internet Marketing strategy we custom design for your business.

We offer a free, comprehensive, no obligation review of your current website or online marketing strategy.   Simply fill out the form below.

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